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I Worry About Everything, what should I do?

I’m Worry. First of all, we would like to say that when a person lives in the past, he or she can have a depressed mood and a worried mood when trying to live the future. Sometimes he can get lost between the past and the future, in the void, searching for his own path. In order to help you on your journey, we will give you some small tips to permanently get rid of the things you put on your head. I hope your life will be the way you want it, and we can get a level of perspective. What the great master said; Life is like a game of chess, you check many times, but you dull once.

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Before we start, we would like to remind you that we have already shared a post about not to worry about it.

I'm Putting Everything On My Head - PERMANENT SOLUTIONS


I Worry About Everything, what can I do?

  • First thing you have to do is get rid of the idea that I should n’t worry about anything  . It’s not whether we’re obsessed, what we’re obsessed with, because life is the art of finding what you’re obsessed with. If we change things we’re obsessed with, we change. We make many choices throughout our lives and maybe we should add the thoughts that will affect us the most.


  • Some people even go to the kitchen to get some water, go to the market, even go out. Some people want to go to Mars, the Moon. The motivation in them is burning. If you have big goals, you can ignore the simple problems you face on that journey, but others will be obsessed with even the slightest changes in weather, for example. If you have goals about your faith, mission and vision and you are obsessed with it, no one can stop you. The reason people are obsessed with something is that they forget to put it on their heads.


  • You have to put something in your head so that you can go on your own journey with only that thing. Some people are in search of a result, a solution to be happy. They can celebrate and be happy when they think about small problems and solve them. What should be, however, is that while you continue your journey with that thing that you are obsessed with, you feel the happiness within you as it is what you already want. Happiness is not a result, it is a journey process.

I'm Putting Everything On My Head - PERMANENT SOLUTIONS

  • When choosing what to wear, it is very important that you still wear it on your head, even when you enter the tomb, but you will be glad to do so. What you’re going to have to worry about is that it shouldn’t change, it won’t tire you. Elon Musk, for example, constantly produces, develops and sells new things in the field of technology. He is constantly striving for the future of humanity. Maybe that’s what he’s obsessed with. A better humanity, a more developed humanity.


  • One of the most important points is to be patient. I’m sure it’s the simplest and the cliché, and what everyone knows best is that time is the greatest medicine. How about we bring this up a little more? As you well know, the muscles in the human body develop as you exercise and force them, and in the course of this development, those muscles are in intense pain. This also applies to the problems you are experiencing. You are aware that the problems you face will surely pass one day. Just as muscles develop, your attitude towards minor problems will improve your psychology and spirituality.


  • I think that with the sequence of logic and thought we describe here, the human being is aware of the fact that he will not submit to any problem and that any problem or opportunity will have an importance in his own development. Small games, such as the fact that one sees problems from a different perspective from their own perspective, sees the problem as an opportunity or the absence of opportunity is actually an opportunity, is an important process such as seeing new landscapes and new places in one’s own journey. A person who does not feel the essence of this world, who does not live in the value and motivation of his spirituality, disappears in the material things, in the void.



I'm Putting Everything On My Head - PERMANENT SOLUTIONS


We would also like to mention that you can request therapy by consulting psychologists who specialize in methods such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy or Mindfulness Therapy which can be called sub-branch .


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I worry about everything
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While it is said to say “see everything from the good side”, the truth is that sometimes life sucks, and the healthiest thing you can do is accept it.

We have a question for you: As we said, every person dies by putting something in his head. What do you want to be obsessed with when you die?

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