How to Catch a Lie – Methods of Capturing a Lie

Yalan Nasıl Yakalarım - Yalan Söyleyeni Yakalama Yöntemleri

7 Universal Emotion and Its Reflection on Mimic

Lie… From time to time it has come to all of us, I wonder if they are lying to me, manipulating me, playing with my emotions, how can I understand that I have been lied to ? People may hide the facts of the bidet with tones of voice, gestures, body movements or even words of choice. Come on, how do people know they’re lying?

1. Lie Detection Technique: Use Your Eyes

People’s emotions are manifested by various behaviors. What we will pay attention to is the most important of the places where human emotions reflect and never change, our universal face. People can sometimes say they’re happy even if they’re sad, but it’s simple to see if it’s true. In order to become an expert in this business, it is necessary to have a certain time, to know the 7 main emotions and how it is reflected on the face and to analyze people frequently. Once you’ve learned this kind of process and you’ve started to specialize, you can quickly see if you’re lying to people by looking at their faces. Let’s give a few examples. The other person tells you that you are happy, or laughs, but how can you tell if this is true?

How to Tell True Happiness

As you can see in the picture, the lip edges are up and the edges of the eyes are wrinkled. If there was a fake smile;

How to Tell True Happiness - Fake HappinessAs you can see here, it is obvious that the lip edges are not fully raised and the edges of the eyes are not completely wrinkled.

Of course, it is very difficult to capture the gestures, gestures occur in a fifth of a second. You have to develop yourself to understand the true feelings of people and to see if they are lying.

To get you started, we’ll recommend a foreign site where you can do a mimic test (free of charge) and Paul Ekman’s I Know What You Think . Click for links. Remember that it is almost impossible to read the facial expressions without developing yourself, this universal behavior that people hide their true feelings but reflect on their faces is getting more and more attention.

2. Lying Capture Way: Asking Smart Questions

How to Catch a Lie - Methods of Capturing a Lie

As you know, questions are more important than answers in philosophy. It is also a fact that the questions we ask affect our quality of life. The questions we ask the person before us are the clearest way to know that person. You need to ask questions that are open-ended and commentary-based. For example, if you stole the car, the person in front of you can answer yes-no, and that’s not what we want, people can hide their emotions in very short time. The question you will ask is; One of the vehicles on the street stolen, no matter what your opinion on this subject  will be longer than the person’s answer may lie in a certain place can tell the inconsistency of words or facial expressions you can read it.

3. The Secret of Lying: Listening to the End

Analyze Their Lies by Listening to People -

It is very important that you do not interrupt it while the other person is speaking. You should allow the person to speak to the end, and carefully follow the facial expressions, body movements, sentence integrity, and listen to the end without interrupting the person. In our daily life, we usually wait for the next turn or interrupt, rather than listen, and even plan to refute the thesis of the other person. Even famous professors do this from time to time. If you want to find out if people are lying, start understanding the opposite side, rather than telling yourself.


Yes, in this article we have given you basic information to catch the lies of people that we wish you are interested in and do more research and improve yourself in this regard. Before you finish, I would like to suggest a site where you can see the mimics, book suggestions and a series of suggestions.

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