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Mindfulness Meditation, in  other words, Conscious Mindfulness Meditation, focuses on the realities of the person at that moment, to pay attention, to recognize the quality of attention and to accept this state of awareness without haste to accept, adopt.

Mindfulness should not be perceived as just now, and not just to be aware of it. There are two sizes to be understood .

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The first dimension is to become aware of what is in the present , and the second dimension is to know what this gained awareness means.

From what we have learned here, we can call mindfulness a synthesis of perception and acceptance of what is perceived. It is merely to perceive, to pay attention, but to perceive consciously is to accept the present moment with one’s feelings and thoughts, and to be aware of it.

To see and feel the thoughts passing through your mind, to be able to live the moment and moment as it is in your body, to be aware of them and to accept them without calling them, judging, reacting as you normally do. That’s what mindfulness is.

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Mindfulness Is Like Muscle

This phenomenon, called conscious awareness, is like our muscles. It gets stronger as you work, push and try, no pain go gain.

As one develops this state of awareness and becomes aware of it, it will be able to change, transform and improve its purpose in life. Thus, our goals such as peace and search for happiness will be realized more easily and we will manage the difficulties and stressful moments in our lives better than before.

Plenty of practice and great patience are a must for this development process.

We said Conscious Awareness, but how exactly does this system work?

Mindfulness is no longer just conceptual and is now experiential. We all know what we can do or what we have to do, but when it comes to doing it in the field, almost all of us are in the classroom. Something happens in all of us when it comes to taking a step. Then I’il do it, I’il start tomorrow, I’m gonna quit smoking next week and so on. excuses push us into our comfort area. With Mindfulness, we can recognize our ability to overcome these situations.

What is mindfulness - bipology

What Will Add To Me?

Think of yourself when you are most stressed; For example, you are on your way as you are alive, in a car ride. Imagine a lot of things that might stress you when you’re traveling, imagine (for example, you’re late for work and your boss will get angry with you). and not being able to spend enough time with your child, scratching ear scratching from the radio .. How frustrating is it? There is a constant but constant load on your brain and you are overwhelmed with boredom. That’s where Mindfulness comes in. What am I doing to yourself? By saying that you are getting rid of all the negative thoughts, you are loosening, you are trying to focus on that moment, Instead of squeezing the steering wheel loosen your tie and turn on a nice music on the radio you start to enjoy the journey. Can’t be the hero who thinks of the end 🙂

Here mindfulness will add to it, make you positive by recognizing negative situations and thoughts. You realized that you need to realize what is happening in yourself and in the environment as you are now, to perceive the thoughts, feelings, pain in your body as they are, and to live in peace with them with all your heart, without judging what you normally do. You’ve made stress your friend, not your enemy 🙂

Studies in the field

The history of conscious awareness is based on Buddhist philosophy. Until today, it has no connection with philosophical movements or religious elements. The most powerful source is that it is scientifically supported.

Conscious awareness and approaches to this theme are used in various places, especially in the clinical field.

Usually groups are studied, for example; cancer patients, patients with burnout syndrome, patients with severe depression, patients with stable depression, addicts, people with learning disabilities, autistic individuals, those with fear and anxiety.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction programs can be implemented in hospitals, schools, adolescents, children, adults of all ages and in all ages and individuals can reach awareness.

Furthermore, the individual can gain self-awareness and draw a new way of life. The person can help himself with his own suggestions without the need for support by trying new things.

What is mindfulness - bipology

Conscious Awareness in the World

Activities have been carried out since 2008 under the roof of Mindfulness Therapy Center at Oxford University. Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy called MBCT was developed by the researchers here.

Exeter University has been providing education, research and graduate services since 2004.

The Conscious Awareness Center, founded by Professor Mark Williams at the University of Bangor in 2001, also provides instructional programs under the department of psychology and works as a scientific research center.

In addition, many universities (Stanford, UCLA, Nottingham, Utah, New Castle and IOWA) have Mindfulness research and practice centers.

Conscious Awareness in Turkey

Under the leadership of Associate Professor Doctor Zümra Atalay at MEF University, a HEC approved awareness application and research center was opened. Mindfulness-based stress reduction programs, cognitive therapy applications, research and various projects are carried out at the center, as well as training programs for individuals as well as companies.

So what do I need to do?

If you cannot gain awareness of yourself, you can try the exercises I mentioned in another article. Usually 5-day mindfulness silence studies and 8-week mindfulness-based stress reduction programs can be a pretty good way to start. If you ask where you can get this kind of training, you can ask people who have applied to these programs around you or after doing a very strict research on the internet.You can apply to the necessary companies. Various speeches, seminars and workshops on mindfulness are also held in our country. Some of them are paid and some of them are free of charge. You can follow the psychology departments of universities or search the internet for such activities.


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