What is Eating Disorder? Obsession with Food

Yeme Bozuklukları Dsm 5 Tanı Kriterleri ANOREKSİYA NERVOZA

Obsession with Food

Today, we will share information about what eating disorder is, its types, incidence, treatment and so on, and then you can review the diagnostic criteria of dsm 5 from our article. Please do not make a diagnosis without consulting your doctor.

What is Eating Disorder? Is it a disease?

Eating disorders are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder.

Anoreksiya Nervoza Nedir?

The desire to have a weak body is to be afraid of gaining weight and to stop menstruation. The person exhibits various behaviors for fear of losing weight. Almost half of the patients are cut off from food and can exercise intensively. The other half makes a strict diet and occasionally lose control of excessive food and then try to remove it. They can provide water throwing or diarrhea medications to get rid of the weight-gaining effect of food.

What is Bulimiya Nervoza?

Excessive desire to eat and subsequent vomiting is a disease in the foreground. With the desire to have a weak body, the person seeks a solution to eliminate the calorie-making effects, such as throwing it out like anorexia nervosa. The difference is that the person is slightly overweight or normal body weight.

Eating Disorders Dsm 5 Diagnostic Criteria Binge Eating Disorder

How often do eating disorders occur? Is eating disorder more common in men or women?

It is known that anorexia nervosa is 1/1000 and bulimia nervosa is 1/100 in young girls. Research has shown that women show 10 times more symptoms than men

What causes eating disorders?

Although the exact cause is not known, it can be said that the psychological problems that arise after inability to adapt to changes in adolescence. The fact that women are seen more often creates a question mark in mind and reminds us that women’s psychology may be more sensitive. Social changes may also be important in these diseases.

How is eating disorder treated?

The treatment is performed with therapies and drugs with the priority of psychologist or psychiatry. Family – Psychologist – Psychiatry and cooperation of various health branches is a very important factor.

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