About me


Me yet in the spring of his youth, I’m a being trying to do something, bored of ordinary things, and trying to sail into new waters. Adding something and raising awareness is something I’ve wanted for a long time, and I also want to be born again and realize myself. In this journey of myself, I watched videos, read books, met new people, traveled to new places, swept with the winds, raced with the fish in the lakes and tried to see the sky, but I realized that they would slowly disappear from my mind after a while. That’s why I opened this site, and when I look back years later, I will have a beautiful archive that I have added to myself and I will be able to show people something. Psychology, sociology and philosophy are the main topics that interest me. I hope you add something to yourself. You can learn to question, to think. Perhaps you will discover yourself, and finally you can realize yourself. Isn’t that the purpose of all of us, to belong somewhere, somewhere, never to be forgotten, to pursue freedom. But we don’t need any of this.The human being is the most free man, the man who knows himself is the wisest man.


Human is like a tree. The higher and brighter he wants to go, the more he takes root, the lower, the dark, the deep, the evil.

Friedrich Nietzsche